Who are we?

These are the core members of the Telemarq team, but we also draw on a wide variety of other professionals for particular projects.

Dr Quentin Stafford-Fraser

Quentin has founded or co-founded a number of ventures including Displaylink, Ndiyo, Exbiblio, and Camvine. Quentin was one of the inventors of the webcam, and a developer of the VNC software now found on many millions of machines worldwide. He has held research posts at Cambridge University, Xerox, Olivetti & AT&T. More information about Quentin can be found on his personal site and his blog.

Richard Morrison

Richard is a web developer and technology consultant with particular expertise in user-centred design, in online marketing strategy, and in building database- and CMS-backed websites. A chemist by training, Richard’s experience ranges from the traditional oil industry to leading-edge technology startups in New Zealand and the UK. More information about Richard can be found on his personal site.

Joanna Paulger

Jo is a web developer who, prior to joining Telemarq, worked on electronic invoice systems for the financial industry, and on an open-source web application for consensus-based decision making. She enjoys kayaking, climbing, and riding things with two wheels.

Dr Rose Melikan

Rose is an academic and a novelist. She teaches in the Law faculty of the University of Cambridge, where she is a Fellow of St Catharine’s College. Her published books include both academic works and a trilogy of historical adventure novels set in the late eighteenth century. More information can be found on her main site and on her page at the Law faculty. Rose provides thorough historical research as a background for various projects.