Who are we?

These are the core members of the Telemarq team, but we also draw on a wide variety of other professionals for particular projects.

Dr Quentin Stafford-Fraser

Quentin has founded or co-founded a number of ventures including Displaylink, Ndiyo, Exbiblio, and Camvine. Quentin was one of the inventors of the webcam, and a developer of the VNC software now found on many millions of machines worldwide. He has held research posts at Cambridge University, Xerox, Olivetti & AT&T. More information about Quentin can be found on his personal site and on his blog.

Joanna Paulger

Jo is a web developer who, prior to joining Telemarq, worked on electronic invoice systems for the financial industry, and on an open-source web application for consensus-based decision making. She enjoys kayaking, climbing, and riding things with two wheels.

Dr Nicholas FitzRoy-Dale

Nicholas is a computer scientist and developer who has worked with everything from embedded devices and smartphones, to graphics hardware and medical equipment, to Web-based, database-driven applications. When not programming, he enjoys climbing, playing piano, and listening to embarrassing music.

Christos Nikolaou

Christos is a computer scientist interested in research as well as user-facing applications. He has worked on network security, data science, and web applications, where he built both systems and user interfaces. He has entrepreneurial interests and is excited about tech-related innovations and tech-empowerment. He enjoys running and cycling.

Chris Newton

Chris is a professional software developer with a background in mathematics and computer science. He specialises in designing and developing technical applications for mathematical/scientific/engineering fields and the unique and often challenging user interfaces that drive them.