What we do

Telemarq’s work involves software development, training, publishing, photography, website creation, video production, public speaking, research, white papers, patents… We do a range of broadly communication-related work, though we currently focus predominantly on web sites, cloud services, and embedded ‘internet-of-things’-type devices.

A sample of our recent and ongoing projects includes:

Digital Signage for Numed

Numed is a successful Sheffield-based business providing technology and services to the healthcare sector. Telemarq provides the software development, support and management services for their Envisage cloud-based media-distribution system, and also develops custom applications around the core digital signage platform.

Every day, Envisage delivers useful and timely information to tens of thousands of patients, in thousands of hospitals and doctors’ surgeries across the country.

Invention sessions and research reports for the BBC

The BBC wanted to pull together key people in their R&D and related groups, to explore the likely future impact of certain technologies. Telemarq was brought in to provide an outside perspective, and to facilitate the process.

We had preliminary interviews with the prime movers in each area, brought some of them together for substantial ‘brainstorming and invention’ sessions, and finally massaged the records of these wide-ranging discussions into coherent written reports for the intended audiences.

Financial Grant Application System

A UK charity which funds neuroscience research needed a system which could take applicants through the process of applying for their grants, gathering the necessary information, collating uploaded supporting documents, and providing reports and management tools for the staff who reviewed them. We built this, and also generalised the Finite State Machine behind the system so that new types of grants with different application processes could be added easily.

Open Source enhancements and other support for research

The team have created or contributed to many Open Source projects. One of these proved useful to a research project at the University of Nottingham, who contacted us and sponsored the development of a particular extension that they needed. In this case the results were also released as updates to the public Open Source package, for the benefit of others.

This led to further work building custom software for some of the University’s other research projects.

Transatlantic IP research

A US-based law firm involved in a major patent litigation case engaged Telemarq, because of our patent experience and our knowledge of early internet appliances, to provide key expertise and evidence. We uncovered significant prior art and provided extensive background information for the presentation of their clients’ case.

Chandelier control software

Dr John Taylor is a highly successful engineer and businessman, known recently, amongst other things, for creating the Corpus Clock, a striking Cambridge landmark on the corner of King’s Parade. His other recent creations include a unique and beautiful lighting system, based around hand-crafted chandeliers and wall-lights, each incorporating hundreds of individually-controlled LEDs.

Telemarq created a set of network protocols and a software stack, from low-level firmware on the chandeliers to web-based iPad applications, which enables the full potential of these works of art to be unleashed.

Bringing the web to the webless

We’ve worked with various companies to help them add web-based functionality to devices which previously had none. Sometimes this involves creating a full user interface, sometimes a REST-style API to be accessed by other systems.

Telemarq can provide help at all levels, from a purely advisory role where we bring our expertise to the planning meetings at the early stages of your project, to actual software development in collaboration with your team.

Can we help you?

If you have a project in the general area of technology and communciations, please contact us to find out if we can be of assistance.

We have wide-ranging connections, and if we can’t help directly, we’ll do our best to put you in touch with someone who can.

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